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group events

We are able to offer exclusive use of our venue for a range of events - team building, corporate retreats, office parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties... Just bring along your own food, drink, decorations and cake - or give us your budget, and we can arrange that for you!

We have several options to suit groups in excess of 12 players:


Option 1:

For two teams (with a maximum of 16 players in total), we can offer Challenge for the Throne, which is identical to Quest for the Throne, but with two teams playing simultaneously, competing against each other in two identical rooms to be the first to claim the throne. Please see the description below for the amended storyline. The Challenge can be played as either a 60-minute game (priced per player, with a minimum of 12 players) or a 90-minute game (with a set price of $400 + tax for up to 16 players). The additional time virtually ensures that one team will solve the challenge and claim the throne.

This is a great option for team building, since the two groups are directly competing against each other, and need to strategize to beat the other team. Even if neither of the teams manage to resolve the challenge in the time given, we also use a point scoring system, which allows the teams to complete to see who has the highest score. Points are deducted for additional hints, and so the teams have to consider very carefully whether or not taking an additional hint is in their best interest.

The overall experience is approximately 1.5-2 hours, including the introduction and debrief.


Option 2:

Select any of our games, Santa's Naughty List, Sherlock or Quest for the Throne or a combination of games, with a maximum of 22 players. The game time is 1 hours, and the overall experience is approximately 1.5-2 hours and is charged at $25 per person. We offer a discount of 10% for groups in excess of 16.

Like the Challenge for the Throne, each game is scored on time and points. It is therefore possible for teams to play different games simultaneously, and still compare scores at the end of play. Santa's Naughty List is the lesser challenging game, and this can be used to introduce a handicap system for teams made up different abilities of players.

The overall experience is 1.5-2 hours, including the introduction and debrief.

Catering Option - extend your experience!


If you would like to include additional time to either of these options, the reception area of the venue can be made available to you at a cost of $100 per hour. You are free to arrange your own catering, but if you are not familiar with the area we can assist you in this.

QUEST FOR THE THRONE: Two Team Challenge

Are you worthy of the throne?

Do you have the skills required to beat your nemesis in a challenge to prove your worth?

Royal sibling rivalry... the sudden death of the King and Queen has left the kingdom without an heir apparent - since no-one is clear which sibling was destined to rule...

Before their death, the King and Queen prepared multiple hidden chambers within the walls of the castle, and devised a plan, based on an old family legend, to test each of their children to determine whom would succeed as the next ruler of the Kingdom. Unlike times of old, where competitors would battle to claim the right and win in a show of physical prowess, the King and Queen wanted to have an heir who could prove a different set of skills: problem solving, logic, competitive drive, concentration, creative thinking, and teamwork, all of which are crucial to an effective and efficient leader.

Each sibling has gathered a team of trusty supporters to help with the challenge, having considered the individual skill sets of each team member.

The first challenge has been completed - you have found one of the secret chambers! On entering the chamber, you have a maximum of 90 minutes to solve each of the puzzles and find your way out of the study. The leader of the team with the higher point score at the end of 90 minutes will be crowned the new ruler of the kingdom.

Each successful puzzle is worth a set number of points. As you progress through the challenges the points will be added to your score.

There are hints available if you find you are unable to solve a challenge - but beware - there are point and time penalties associated with taking hints. Points will be deducted from your score for each hint used.


In the event of a tie breaker, the total time used will be taken into consideration, and you will receive 10 bonus points for each minute less than 90 minutes it took you to complete the challenge. This will be added to your game points to give you a final score.

Difficulty: 8/10

Age: suitable for all ages

Number of players: 12-16