Can you find the proof of your rightful heirship or will your nemesis beat you to it?

Royal sibling rivalry... the rightful heir ousted from the seat... a kingdom in chaos and despair...

You are the heir apparent and have returned to the castle to seek proof of your birthright. Along with your team of trusty supporters, you have navigated the secret passages in the castle and have made it safely to the King's study.

You now have 60 minutes to find the proof to secure the throne before the guards arrive and find you guilty of treason - punishable by death.


This game can also be played as a teambuilding exercise, with two teams simultaneously battling to find the evidence in two identical rooms - the rightful heir and his supporters vs the evil sibling and his guards. The first to complete the room claims the throne.

Difficulty: 9/10

Age: suitable for all ages

Number of players:

4-8 (Quest for the Throne)

9-16 (Challenge for the Throne)