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Colorful Bubbles

Kid's Birthday Parties

We are able to offer exclusive use of our venue for birthday parties, bar mitzvah's, school outings... Just bring along your own food, drink, decorations and cake - or give us your budget, and we can arrange that for you!

We have several options to suit you:

(1) We offer a simplified version of Sherlock: The Baker Street Five for younger/less experienced teams, with a maximum of 8 players. The fee for the game plus one hour of exclusive use of the event space, for a total of 2.5 hours, is $350.


(2) We also have a game specifically tailored for the 8-13 year old age group - Escape the Tomb, which can be played as a challenge by two teams, and game play is 45 minutes. The fee for this game plus exclusive use of the event space, for a total of 2 hours is $300 for up to 12 players.


(3) Escape the Tomb can also be played as a stand alone game for $20 per player for the 45 minute game (minimum of 6 players).

(4) Select any of our other games, Santa's Naughty List, Sherlock or Quest for the Throne or a combination of games for $25 per person, plus $150 per hour for exclusive use of the venue for an additional hour.


Uncle Indie is missing. Can you follow his trail and help find him?

Uncle Indie is on the verge of great discovery on location in Egypt, but something is not right - he hasn't made contact in more than a week. You and your group of fearless friends need to travel to Egypt and search through Uncle Indie's office to find the location to his discovery. 

You have 40 minutes to find his location and rescue him - before his air runs out.

This challenge game is designed with the kids in mind, utilizing technology to entertain and engage them in interactive team challenges and puzzles.

Rate: $15 per person, minimum of 8, maximum of 16

Difficulty: 4/10

Age: suitable for all, but geared towards 8-13.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

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