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Mother-in-lawWoman Hitler1

  The earthquakesThat queer shake

  Debit cardBad credit2

  Slot machinesCash lost in 'em

  School masterThe classroom

  Eleven plus twoTwelve plus one3

  DormitoryDirty room4

  PunishmentNine Thumps5

  DesperationA rope ends it6

  The Morse codeHere come dots

  Snooze alarmsAlas! No more Zs7

  A decimal pointI'm a dot in place

  AstronomerMoon starer8

  Fir conesConifers

  The eyesThey see9

  Payment receivedEvery cent paid me10

  ConversationVoices rant on

  The public art galleriesLarge picture halls, I bet

  Election resultsLies – let's recount11

  Halley's CometShall yet come12

  The HurricanesThese churn air13

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